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Busy, busy, busy!  La Cosecha was so much fun, and now I am submitting to present at the Two-Way CABE Conference in California!  Wish me luck!  Teaching writing at an early age is...I think the most difficult thing.  Children must feel secure in taking a risk, they know they don't write like we do, and putting that pencil to paper to even try to write is scary for so many children.  Now compound that with asking them to write in their second language!  Oh my, we are asking so much more!  They are not even comfortable enough to speak it without our gentle nudging, yet we now want them to write!  It's a challenge that we are facing and overcoming on a daily basis!  Now we want to share what we've learned!  We'll see if they take me up on my idea!
Much Love,

I am so excited!  I just found out I get to attend the Dual Language Conference, La Cosecha, in Albuquerque, NM in November!  I love this program and the opportunity it gives children so much, and I can't wait to learn ways to make it even more amazing than it already is!
We are 7 weeks into school, and our children are already comprehending and learning vocabulary in their second language!  I love seeing the "ah-ha" moments in kindergarten, and seeing them happen in two languages is indescribable!
I hope this finds all my teacher friends inspired and growing everyday alongside their students.  I know I am!

Much Love,

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