Dear Parents

It's hard to believe it's February already!  I'm exhausted from the Valentine's Party on Tuesday!  What a great time all of the children had!  Thanks for all of your hard work!  I think I got enough candy and goodies to last me quite a while!
Your children were AMAZED today in class, we finally got our Letters Alive augmented reality software working and they got to see animals representing every letter of the alphabet come to life, literally on the smartboard.  I often ask what the greatest thing about their day was as we are getting ready to leave...hands down today it was letters alive!!!  Ask them to tell you about it, it is super cool!!!!

Conferences are coming on October 24th.  Don't forget to sign up for your time.  We will be holding these with their native language teacher, although an additional time can be set up with their second language teacher if needed.  At this point, many students are absorbing and working to comprehend the new language, and this stage can take quite a while.  We like to honor these developmental stages of second language acquisition, and don't want to make any assumptions about their progress at this point. As always, we appreciate the opportunity to teach your children everyday!

I hope you and your child are beginning to feel at home in the kindergarten life.  Please help your child with choosing some of the activities from the homework page each week.  In addition, I am always looking for and adding fun, engaging, learning websites on the side bar of my blog.  To find these, scroll down and look on the right hand side of the page.
Please remember, going from English to Spanish every other day is mentally exhausting for your children, don't be surprised if they are extremely tired at the end of the day.
Also, don't forget to read the books in your book baggy every night.  Even though the simple text will become "memorized", reading them over and over, while pointing to words will help your child take the words on the page into long term memory.
Thank you again for entrusting your children to our care.  We do not take our mission lightly!

Welcome to year two of our dual language program!  We are excited that you and your children will be a part of this awesome opportunity.  Please remember that being exposed to a new language can require an adjustment period for you and your child.  With our support, you and your child will blossom and grow in many ways throughout this year.  Please feel free to post questions and comments here, as well as contacting us at school!
Get ready, it's going to be an amazing year!!!

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